Kinduct and the National Basketball Strength and Conditioning Association (NBSCA) are pleased to announce a new three-year partnership. Using Kinduct’s technology, NBA strength, and conditioning coaches will collaborate to provide a list of basketball-specific physical assessment protocols for athlete testing (e.g. speed, power, agility, flexibility). These standardized evaluations will be based on the NBSCA’s experienced prescriptions and will be made relevant to athletes across different age groups and levels of ability.

“As leaders in professional basketball athletic performance, the NBSCA is proud to announce our partnership with Kinduct. Kinduct is a premier service for athlete management systems, and their platform has the ability to consolidate a vast amount of data which will give any athlete or team a competitive advantage. We look forward to our collaboration with Kinduct and helping all athletes around the world improve the quality in which they train,” said Daniel Shapiro, Head of Strength and Conditioning for the Los Angeles Clippers and President of the NBSCA.

As more data is collected within Kinduct’s platform, scalable ecosystems of performance insights are created for up-and-coming athletes to rank, compare, and contrast themselves against their peers, as well as professional athletes at a similar age. By collecting key metrics, Kinduct’s data analysis and prescription tools help the athlete’s performance coach to better understand their strengths and weaknesses allowing customized training programming to be delivered based on the athlete’s unique skill sets. The programming can then be used as a benchmark for ongoing monitoring.

Joseph Dolisi, Esq, and Executive Director of the NBSCA said, “We are very excited to be working with Travis McDonough and Kinduct. Kinduct is a leader within the technology and fitness industry with one of the best athlete management systems on the market. Kinduct provides a strategic advantage for athletes to optimize their athletic potential, while also aiding in education for reducing the risk of injury and recovery. With the help of Kinduct, the NBSCA looks forward to expanding our fitness education platform, as well as improving the quality of training for all athletes around the globe.”

Travis McDonough, Founder, and CEO of Kinduct added, “Partnering with the NBSCA is an extremely important development for Kinduct, and I am proud to see this officially come to fruition. Our company would not be what it is today without the leading influence from NBA performance coaches who have graciously given us their feedback and shared their expertise to help us better our technology; they are true leaders who have been chosen to manage the NBA’s most important assets — the players —  for a reason. Together, we believe that this innovation of health and performance technology will have a lasting impact on the fitness industry and, most importantly, help young athletes reach their full potential.”


The NBSCA is a network of strength and conditioning professionals within the NBA. Their primary role is to ensure the players of the NBA are preparing their bodies in every way possible to excel at the sport of basketball. They pride themselves in serving as leaders in the field of Basketball Strength and Conditioning and are responsible for tasks such as designing training programs to reduce the risk of basketball-related injuries and enhance the on-court performance of our team’s players, nutritional programming, and serving as the resource for the latest in training information and science.

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