The Quadrant System (Book)

Team sports induce various forms of stress on the body. For sports medicine and performance practitioners, understanding how to choose and manage stress is a primary responsibility. However, the placement of a strength and conditioning stimulus around the sport can be a difficult task. In this text you will learn the principles behind systematizing sport training and physical preparation.

The Intent Is To Grow by Jesse Wright (Book)

The Intent Is To Grow is a fictional tale about a young coach, Nathan Day, who is beginning his new role at a major university. Upon his arrival on campus, he embarks on a week-long, life-altering orientation program. He meets with a group of mentors that contribute to his long-term professional development in the most remarkable ways. They each have creative tools and methods to teach him the “6 True Pro Attributes.”

Climb by Ben Kenyon (Book)

In Climb, Ben Kenyon (Head Strength Coach for the Philadelphia 76ers) shares the secrets that allowed him to navigate challenges and successfully climb in his career that spans nearly two decades. His personal stories, action plan to level up his life, plus experiences from the best athletes, coaches and leaders will influence you to keep climbing towards your goals.

Takeoff by Daniel Bove (Book)

In Takeoff: A Visual Guide to Training and Monitoring Lower Body Power, we use phases of the countermovement jump as a framework to better design and monitor the training process. At its core, the force-time relationship underpins physical preparation. Within this text, we provide vivid visualizations and clear explanations of the science behind many popular training methods. Whether you’re an athlete, coach, or fitness enthusiast, Takeoff will give you the tools you need to soar to new heights in sports performance.